My name is Jo Pearce

I'm a psychic clairvoyant medium. Which means I can see and feel spirit. My gift is to help others receive messages and guidance from past loved ones, friends and guides. To prove proof and evidence from the spirit world.

Since as a small child I was always aware I loved the colour lilac. I felt different to other children, I was very happy spending a lot of time quietly alone in my own world. Over the years I have always said the right thing at the right time, to the right person, surprised myself on many occasion. People wondering how did she know that. Why did she say that ? Whatever was said made sense to that person at that time.

Angel Cards and Tarot cards are my tools that I use with my readings sometimes the pendulum, plus my intuition and guidance from the Angels.  My passion for astrology and a little numerology give you an all around reading. I have called it " A Reading Especially For You " which I write down for you to keep.

I'm a Reiki master teacher as well. Giving Reiki treatment's to everybody who would like to try some. Reiki is one of the most amazing healing there is. It helps with so many things.The word Reiki means Unconditional Love. It puts protection around you to stop you from getting ill. You don't need to be ill to try it. Reiki brings in a calmness to your life. Gives you energy, peace, contentment. It starts your body self healing from the inside out. Reiki can help you sleep better and deeper. It enhances your life for the better. I have been doing Reiki for 14 years. Animals love Reiki too. Have known dogs just sit calmly and soak up the atmosphere whilst their masters have a treatment. One lady whose pets were a dog and a parrot, after the lady had her reiki treatment , I left they all slept happily for 2 hours. The benefits are amazing, brings on confidence, well being, the list is endless. A reiki treatment can help you move forward with your life for the better.

I'm with Uk Reiki Federation and the Independent Professional Therapists International are the two company's that I'm registered.   

I'm fully qualified in Indian Head Massage and Back massage with aromatherapy oils. Indian head massage can help reduce stress, well being, helps the hair to shine and grow, sleep improves, removes aches and pain.